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London is home to many tourist attractions that are known worldwide. The most popular include the many museums located in the city, many of which offer free entry. The famous places that tourists need to visit are the British Museum, British Library, Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington, Buckingham Palace. Other sites include The Tower of London, nearby is the famous Tower Bridge which is often mistaken by tourists for London Bridge.
The British Museum holds 7 million exhibits that not only have to do with London, but Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, etc. The British Museum is open seven days a week and is free. The British Library holds many literary exhibits and displays the original manuscripts. This gallery is open to the public seven days a week and is free. The Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. Admission is also free. The most popular historical or cultural attraction is Buckingham Palace. This royal place is still in use today. During the summer months, some rooms are open to the public for tours. Other attractions are London Eye, London Zoo, the Natural History Museum, the Globe Theatre, the London Bridge Experience and the Charles Dickens Museum.
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